For anyone who is looking for a gentle, laid back and affectionate dog that is not only well suited to apartment living but is also clean and low maintenance a greyhound may well be the perfect choice.

While most people automatically associate greyhounds with the world of dog racing the truth is that when they are not running around a track greyhounds are very quiet, laid back dogs. For busy people the fact that greyhounds are also fairly low maintenance is a bonus.

Provided a greyhound has a comfortable place to sleep, a full belly and is treated with loving kindness they will be affectionate, loyal companions for life.

When looking to add a four-legged member to the family a greyhound should definitely be considered. The following is a list of some of the reason a greyhound makes a great choice:

  1. Great Apartment Dwellers


Greyhounds like nothing more than to stretch out on a couch or rug and go to sleep. Greyhound owners who have full time jobs will often come home from work and find their beloved pet in the exact same position as when they left that morning. While greyhounds appear to be nothing but lounging dogs they do need exercise to burn off stored energy, so taking them out for a walk each day is advised. If unable to do that a greyhound can be satisfied chasing a ball up and down the passage a few times. Outdoor exercise is preferred as it is good for a greyhound’s physical and mental well being to not be cooped up in a house or apartment all day every day.

  1. Well Mannered

Greyhounds tend to be a little bit reserved, however they are very well mannered, quiet and respectful dogs. A greyhound may hang back a little when presented with a stranger but is not likely to make a lot of noise or fuss. While being a little standoffish with strangers they are great companions to their owners and will return affection in bucket loads.

  1. Active and Adventurous


Greyhounds enjoy an adventure just as much as their owners. Whether it be a walk in the park, a long hike, a bicycle ride or just about any other outdoor activity, greyhounds are happy to be out with their owners. Greyhounds are great for taking along on car rides and to visit family and friends because they are quiet and well mannered.

  1. Expert at Relaxing

Greyhounds are very relaxed and like nothing more than a comfortable spot to sleep in, sometimes for up to 16 hours a day. Greyhounds tend to sleep on their backs with their legs stretched out at all angles, a position called “roaching”. While this is a favorite position greyhounds have an amazing ability to sleep in very awkward positions. Prospective owners should be aware that once a greyhound realizes how comfy the couch is it is likely that they won’t give it up.

  1. Laid Back


Perfect for people who don’t want any drama or fuss in their lives, greyhounds are very laid back for the most part. They are able to enjoy a quiet relaxed night in front of the television with their owners as much as a walk in the park. Greyhounds tend to adapt their activity level to that of their owners, provided they get sufficient exercise on a regular basis. Ex-racing dogs sometimes require the opportunity to have a short burst of intense activity but must be kept contained to prevent them running off.

  1. One of the Family

Greyhounds are ideal for family situations. With plenty of affection to give they enjoy getting lots of attention from everyone in the family. Their quiet, gentle manner makes them a safe dog to have around small children.

  1. Part of a Supportive Community

Greyhound owners understand and appreciate the uniqueness of the breed, and like nothing more than to talk to other like-minded greyhound owners. Once a person adopts a greyhound they become a member of a special group of people who are only too willing and happy to give advice, help out when needed and provide information about their beloved breed.

  1. Very Loving

While not true of every dog a typical greyhound loves to be around their owner, providing companionship and affection in return for being able to ‘hang out’ together. Greyhounds love to be cuddled and patted at every opportunity and in return will be loyal and loving to their owners.

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Hey, I’m Brock. I’m from Alberta, Canada. My first dog was a greyhound and he was my best friend. The last few years I have gotten into advocating for the rescue and adoption of greyhounds. I hope you’ll join me on my mission.

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